The concept of U=U is the foundation of being able to end the epidemic.”

Dr. Fauci, NIAID, July, 2019

#CelebrateUU builds on the concept of U=U, calling on individuals living with HIV to start recognizing and celebrating our anniversaries of having an undetectable viral load.

With this movement, we are putting a face and story to HIV and educating people about the science behind U=U. This is one powerful way to help end the stigma associated with HIV.  

Take a #CelebrateUU Selfie!

This is a “self fulfillment” movement. At its most basic level, #CelebrateUU asks people living with HIV to post a #CelebrateUU selfie to social media.

We invite you to do this on the anniversary of your first reaching undetectable status, and celebrate this health milestone every year. It’s also a great post for World AIDS Day (Dec 1), HIV Long-Term Survivors Day (June 5) or other events in your community.

The steps are simple

  • SELFIE: Take a selfie!
  • STORY: Answer the questions “What would it mean to me to end the HIV epidemic?“ or “What does U=U mean to you?”
  • SHARE: Share your story & selfie to your social media with hashtags #CelebrateUU, #UequalsU, #UU6 (replacing the 6 with how many years you’ve been undetectable!)
  • TAG US @CelebrateUU on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Why this, why now?

In the early days of the AIDS pandemic, it took ACT UP to drive changes in funding & treatment options. Their slogan was SILENCE=DEATH.

Today, with U=U and PrEP we finally have the TOOLS to end the HIV epidemic. But STIGMA stands in our way. Our slogan now needs to be STIGMA=SILENCE.

In starting this movement as individuals living with HIV, we reclaim our dignity by reclaiming our diagnosis. With U=U, we reclaim our social, sexual, and reproductive health.

Anniversaries Matter

We learn from cancer survivors and people in long-term recovery from addiction, that anniversaries matter!

  • They matter to the individual’s own survival and joyful living, reminding them each year to appreciate their health.
  • They matter to the newly diagnosed, giving them hope of reaching this important milestone in their ongoing treatment.
  • They matter to our communities, breaking down the silence, stigma and shame associated with the HIV epidemic.
  • They matter to the world, as we work towards ending this epidemic.  

Value ≠ Viral Load

We recognize that not everyone is able to reach an undetectable level. We believe we all have worth as human beings living with this disease, that our value is not determined by our viral load (V≠V). As we #CelebrateUU, we celebrate ALL who are living with HIV, resilient and strong. 

Participate: Special Art Intervention

I’m looking for people living with HIV in the greater Indianapolis area who are interested in participating in a special art intervention related to CelebrateUU. To learn more, click here.

Celebrate UU Selfie Campaign