The concept of U=U is the foundation of being able to end the epidemic.”

Dr. Fauci, NIAID, July, 2019

#CelebrateUU builds on the concept of U=U, calling on individuals living with HIV to start recognizing and celebrating our anniversaries of having an undetectable viral load.

With this movement, we are putting a face and story to HIV and educating people about the science behind U=U. This is one powerful way to help end the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.  

Take a #CelebrateUU Selfie!

This is a “self fulfillment” movement. At its most basic level, #CelebrateUU asks people living with HIV to post a #CelebrateUU selfie to social media.

We invite you to do this on the anniversary of your first reaching undetectable status, and celebrate this health milestone every year. It’s also a great post for World AIDS Day (Dec 1), HIV Long-Term Survivors Day (June 5) or other events in your community.

The steps are simple

  • SIGN: Use a sign like the one above or a simple handwritten sign (click here for templates to use)
  • SELFIE: Take a selfie
  • HASHTAGS: Include the hashtags #HIV #CelebrateUU #UequalsU #UU6 (replacing the 6 with how many years you’ve been undetectable!)
  • STORY: Share something simple like: “This month I celebrate 6 years undetectable, which means I cannot sexually transmit HIV to others!” Answer the question “What does U=U mean for YOU?
  • SHARE: Share to your social media and tag us @CelebrateUU on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Why this, why now?

In the early days of the AIDS pandemic, it took ACT UP to drive changes in funding & treatment options. Their slogan was SILENCE=DEATH.

Today, with U=U and PrEP we finally have the TOOLS to end the HIV epidemic. But STIGMA stands in our way. Our slogan now needs to be SILENCE=STIGMA.

In starting this movement as individuals living with HIV, we reclaim our dignity by reclaiming our diagnosis. With U=U, we reclaim our social, sexual, and reproductive health.

Anniversaries Matter

We learn from cancer survivors and people in long-term recovery from addiction, that anniversaries matter!

  • They matter to the individual’s own survival and joyful living, reminding them each year to appreciate their health.
  • They matter to the newly diagnosed, giving them hope of reaching this important milestone in their ongoing treatment.
  • They matter to our communities, breaking down the silence, stigma and shame associated with the HIV epidemic.
  • They matter to the world, as we work towards ending this epidemic.