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Todd Fuqua, a 55-year-old queer artivist, connector & reflector based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has a diverse background, including over 20 years in corporate work. Their journey took a significant turn when they lost their job in 2010, leading to a focus on asset-based community development, social justice, and self-advocacy. In 2012, Todd experienced a health crisis, being diagnosed with HIV alongside complications from untreated syphilis. Following prompt antiretroviral treatment, Todd’s viral load became undetectable within nine months. They became more vocal about their HIV status in 2019 after being featured in a local newspaper and later interviewed by Todd has since intensified their activism, participating in various HIV/AIDS-related initiatives and starting the CelebrateUU movement to combat HIV stigma and promote awareness. They serve as the Coalition Building Lead for HIV Modernization Movement – Indiana, focusing on HIV criminal law reform. Todd’s efforts extend to artivism, utilizing creativity to advocate for social change.

Longer Version

Todd Fuqua, 54, is a queer artivist, connector & reflector based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Todd worked in corporate for 20+ years. When Todd lost their job in 2010, the period that followed helped shape what Todd would accomplish to date. They have a passion for asset-based community development, social justice & self-advocacy. Areas of focus include LGBTQ+ related issues, mental health, addiction & recovery, HIV/AIDS, and ex-offenders.

In 2012, Todd found themselves in the hospital with a form of sepsis, resulting from untreated and misdiagnosed stage-2 syphilis. It was in that hospital bed that they also received a diagnosis that they were HIV positive. On the guidance of their infectious disease doctor, Todd started on antiretroviral treatment right away and within 9 months, their viral load was undetectable.

Todd had been largely silent about their HIV status until 2019, when their story was featured in a local newspaper article about The Damien Center, Indiana’s largest and oldest AIDS service organization, where Todd receives their HIV care. After the Damien Center interview, there were approached by, to be interviewed as part of their Eye on the End series, designed to monitor the U.S.’s ‘Ending the HIV Epidemic’ Plan. Since then, Todd has ramped up their activism – joining the local Ryan White Planning Council and Marion County’s EHE Task Force. In July 2020, they attended the virtual International AIDS Conference IAC2020VIRTUAL with 20 other Hoosiers as a member of the Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund Group. 

As an artist and activist – or “artivist” – Todd started a social movement they call CelebrateUU to combat the stigma that comes with an HIV diagnosis. CelebrateUU builds on the concept of U=U, calling on individuals living with HIV/AIDS to start recognizing and celebrating anniversaries of having an undetectable viral load. With this movement, we are putting a face and story to HIV and educating people about the science behind U=U. This is one powerful way to help end the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.  For more information on how to participate, go to

Todd is also the Coalition Building Lead for HIV Modernization Movement – Indiana, where they use ther Action Network platform to engage HMM’s growing list of activists to advance ongoing efforts for HIV criminal law reform in Indiana.

For current information on education, certifications and volunteer work please check out Todd’s Linked IN profile or his artistic resume.