Intro Script

We have created a common script to start our regular HIVe online support group meetings. This can be found by clicking here or going to

Secure Login Information – Zoom

Richard W. from Continuud has donated a paid professional Zoom account, which is configured to address additional HIPPA requirements for secure online video conferencing. Thank you Richard!

Facilitators should contact Richard directly for Zoom username & password. Please consider saving this information in a secure password manager app like mSecure (Mac) or Last Pass (Windows/Mac). It is a shared across all facilitators so please do your part in protecting this shared asset.

If you would like to use our Zoom account to support work you do out in the community as an advocate and volunteer, please contact or inform Richard. This information should not be shared with others.

Welcome and thank you!

If there is something you would like to add to our introduction, please bring it up with the other facilitators. The easiest way is through our Facebook messenger thread.

Thanks for bringing you and your experience into this space.

Thank you to our sponsors!

This support group is sponsored by Foundations Family Medicine, Continuud, CelebrateUU, and AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana.