I was talking to a friend today about general health. I recently visited my 82 year old father, who continues to work as a teacher for an online high school. He also plays tennis twice a week. He takes only vitamins and over the counter supplements like ginkgo biloba and fish oil. He has no health issues to date. Period. Fit as a fiddle.

My friend commented that I appeared to be in good health, and must have inherited my dad’s healthy genes. I replied “yes, except for being HIV+, I’m otherwise very healthy.” I went on to spout off good blood pressure numbers, healthy cholesterol levels, etc.

My friend interrupted me with something like “you’re healthy, full stop. Being HIV+ doesn’t mean you’re not healthy – you’re not sick.”


When you put it that way, it makes sense.

No, really. When I got home, I was reflecting while fixing dinner. Why did I see myself as sick – as unhealthy? If anything, all of my numbers continue indicate very healthy living. And, we are monitoring my blood more than most people would ever imagine.

Ok. I am healthy. At 51, I’m healthy. Full stop.

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