“Yeah there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head. It all be alright.”

Kacey Musgrave

What I’ve outlined in my “Meet the Movement” post is my “big picture” goal – something that goes viral with selfies from people living with HIV from around the globe.

To seed that path and to shine a light on the greater Indianapolis area, I want to create stylized photographs similar to the ones included in my online Digital Quilt.

For those who are interested in sharing your story, I would encourage you to do so with our #celebrateUU hashtags. You don’t need to wait for me! Take a selfie and post it! Include the hashtags #UequalsU#CelebrateUU, #UU6years (with your # of years!) and tag us at @celebrateUU. As you share some of your story of living with HIV, answering the question “What would it mean to you to end the HIV epidemic?”

World AIDS Day 2022 Art Intervention

Drawing from those participants with stylized photographs, I am going to hold a community art show and conversation on World AIDS Day 2021. During this intervention, we will showcase a curated series of the stylized images and stories from the first phase of the project. This will be more than an art show. We will host a structured conversation and event.

More details to come…

Eyes on the End Expansion

After the Damien Center interview, I was approached by theBody.com, to be interviewed as part of their Eye on the End series, designed to monitors the U.S.’s ‘Ending the HIV Epidemic’ Plan.

Once I get things off the ground in Indianapolis, I’d like to return to theBody.com. I’d like to explore how we could expand, targeting the same 48 counties and seven states that represent half of new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. We would find a local photographer who would be willing to take on the project. We’d give them some specs on how to create the same general settings, so the same esthetic extends across all the created images.

We could then add the images from these 48 communities onto our #celebrateUU website and social media feeds. And the movement expands…

How to get involved?

If you’d like to sign up, select Participate from the site menu or click here.

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