If you are living with HIV, please join the CelebrateUU movement to reduce the stigma of HIV by reclaiming our diagnosis, celebrating our milestones of reaching or maintaining a viral load that is “undetectable and untransmittable (U=U).  With this movement, we put faces and voices to HIV, which also helps to reduce stigma. 

It’s easy to participate!

  1. SIGN: Grab a blank piece of paper. 
  2. HASHTAGS: Write the hashtags #CelebrateUU, #UequalsU, #UU6 replacing the 6 with how many years you’ve had an undetectable viral load. (click here for templates to use)
  3. STORY: Answer the questions “What would it mean to me to end the HIV epidemic?“ or “What does U=U mean to you?”
  4. SHARE: Share your story & selfie to your social media with hashtags #CelebrateUU, #UequalsU, #UU6 (replacing the 6 with how many years you’ve been undetectable!)
  5. TAG US @CelebrateUU on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We recognize that not everyone is able to reach an undetectable level. We believe we all have worth as human beings living with this disease, that our value is not determined by our viral load (V≠V). As we #CelebrateUU, we celebrate ALL who are living with HIV, resilient and strong. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them here. I welcome the dialogue!

Please spread the word!

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