I first met Rick when I moved to Indianapolis to start my first job out of college. He was actually the first man I dated after coming out of the closet again, upon leaving university.

I moved around a lot, and we lost touch. Thankfully, we reconnected several years ago. I value Rick’s friendship and perspective on life!

When I read Rick’s story, it reminds of the game Operation. Rick is a cancer survivor and has been through countless surgeries for various illnesses along the way. He’s had a hip replaced, knee surgery, back surgery and then some. It’s no wonder, his gastrointestinal doctor once told him he has more than 9 lives – better than most cats that I know!

Rick loves racing, concerts and anything outdoors. He has a strong work ethic. He is one of the most generous people with his time that I know! He is always helping friends get to appointments, run errands, etc. 

I’m grateful for Rick’s friendship. Today I celebrate Rick!

#CelebrateUU #UU20 #UequalsU

Rick H. #UU20

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